The Hunt for Varis - 13th Age RPG

Defeat at the Boltstrike
An Upset in the Queen's Woods

Our adventurers were called to help protect the Boltstrike pillar by delivering a powerful magical item they didn’t even realise they were carrying. Fighting and defeating a small pack of goblin’s along the way, but unfortunately, when they arrived they were lead astray by the traitor, Varis, and sent on a false mission to get them out of the way for his invasion.

They returned to see the Amelifor, Leader of the troops at Boltstrike, Die by same weapon they had delivered and the pillar all but defeated by the hands of a large blue dragon, an agent of the Three no doubt,

They charged in bravely and killed the dragon who had been crippled in the fight. Then, they charged the pillar, climbing the stairwell and fighting off Varis’ lizardmen along the way, and then coming to the final encounter at the top of the pillar.

After learning that Varis was working as an agent of the three the whole time, Nidhogg charged in to attack as the others defeated his troops, but when Varis was killed, his dragon form emerged, and proved too powerful to be dealt with after they had been weakened by the troops they had fought through.

They were forced to retreat into the queens forest and could only watch as Varis toppled the pillar and flew off victorious.

Now they must regroup, and prepare to face whatever horrors come to pass now that the pillar can no longer defend the Elf Queen’s Woods.


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